High Quality


The noodle manufacturing machine that made in Japan and experiences regarding noodle manufacturing allow us to make high quality noodles.

One and Only


We can propose any types of noodles according to cusomer's request.

Boost your business


We deliver noodles on time certainly. We will help your business improving!


Hiroyuki Okayama
Founder and Noodle master

Rising Sun noodles(J Rising Sun pvt) ltd) was founded in Colombo, Sri Lanka by Hiroyuki Okayama, Jpanese cuisine chef. He started a restaurant business in Colombo on 2014. He thought it was not enough kinds of raw materials were there in Sri Lanka to enjoy Japanese food. Then He started to create Japanese ingredients such as sauces, mayonnaise and noodles by homemade. He noticed that most of restaurant use dry noodles despite that noodle food is popular. Then he started to share his noodles, at last he imported quality noodle machine from Japan and started noodle wholesale business.

Our passion

Noodles are our expertise, but craft noodles is our passion. We believe noodle foods are now world wide food culture. As I, Japanese as well, ramen is evolving beyond its roots in traditional Japanese cooking into a dish that everyone can enjoy, no matter where you are in the world. We provide the tools, ingredients and encouragement to support all noodle lovers with creating their own style of noodle foods.